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2017 Consignments

Three bred heifers from Junior members, Sage and Bailey Fisher

Hargis Farms - two pairs with bull calves sired by Harco 1429 and two younger heifers carrying spring calves sired by Harco 1429

La Campana Ranch - Pen of three open heifers

Buena Vida Cattle Co -two pairs with heifer calves at side, two 3n1's with cows bred back to Red Doc Trump and one bred heifer also safe in calf to Red Doc Trump

Six fancy heifers from Wunderlich Farms - 3 breds and 3 opens, all with really great growth EPDs

John Martin Ranches - Three 3N1's - all young cows with big heifer calves at side!

John Martin Ranches - Pen of three open heifers

​​South Texas

Santa Gertrudis Association